Process Consulting & Training

Standard Operating Procedures

You were going to write everything down. Really. You were going to have fully trained employees who follow procedure, dazzle the public, and tow the company line.

But then you got busy (yay!), reality intervened (boo!), and had to thrust people into positions they weren't quite ready for (oops!). It happens.

That doesn't mean it has to stay that way.

Let's fix it together and make sure that it never happens again.

Process Consulting

A close corollary to "an organization is only as good as it's people," is "an organization is only as good as it's processes."

So how are yours?

We take the time to learn your processes, collaborate on improving them, create new ones to fill any gaps. Then we organize and document the whole lot.


This is where people and process intersect. It's here at this crossroads that you can either pave the way to an exceptional organization or detour around crisis after crisis.

We conduct a wide range of training, including customer service, sales, marketing, communication, and leadership.

"Chris has been an invaluable resource and mentor to me. Starting a business is difficult, but having someone to help guide your strategy, offer advice, and flesh out your ideas is priceless. Chris is extremely responsive and quick to offer constructive feedback, and he has a wealth of knowledge about marketing and sales. Don't hesitate to work with him! He's someone you'll be glad to have on your team."

- Dani Henion

"I was lucky enough to meet Chris and have him take me under his wing as a mentor. He not only taught me a lot about marketing, he also helped me to see how it’s possible to run a successful business on your own terms while always keeping a creative edge on the latest developments. If that hasn’t convinced you yet, send him a DM, and his kindness, good humor, and willingness to present a helping hand won't leave you cold."

- Jakob Rohrauer