Embedded Executive Services

Finding the Right Fit

In today's complex business environment, finding the right talent is no easy task. We can help recruit, vet, and onboard  the perfect candidate for your business.

In the meantime, we can step in to kick-start your revenue operations, develop and implement sales and marketing best practices, and train and manage your existing team.

Avoid Hiring Haphazardly

Rushing to fill your leadership void can poison a whole organization and lead to stagnant or negative growth, strained good-will, and astronomical opportunity costs.

It's prudent to take your time in finding your long-term sales or marketing leader. When you hire us to fill your temporary leadership gap, you operate from a position of strength, knowing that you'll never have to settle for second best. Plus, we'll train our replacement up right.

How It Works

If you're already an Ultimate Action Plan customer, then we're already completely familiar with your current business and future plans. If not, our first step is to familiarize ourselves with your company.

We hit the ground running when you contract with us as CMO/VP Sales to implement your custom plan. We contract for 6-12 months, establish clear milestones and objectives, and get started FAST so that we can maximize our time together.

We only take on one to two of these kinds of engagement a year. That way, we have plenty of time to be there in the trenches with you, hitting goals and competing on the biggest stage that we can envision together.

"Chris has an ability to see opportunity and potential I have never encountered before. I don't know if it comes from his years of experience, constant drive to improve his skills and educate himself or if it's just an innate ability he has been gifted with. Couple that with his endless drive to succeed and you have a marketing machine."

- Ben, Red Rhino