What is Bionic Growth?

Bionic Growth is the result of people, processes, and technology working together in order to help an organization grow it's revenue, market share, headcount, knowledge base, or productivity.

Our Firm

Bionic Growth is a consulting, revenue operations, and fractional marketing leadership firm.

It was founded when award-winning marketer Doug Oakes of the long-standing creative agency Do Design INC and Chris Kim, former Managing Partner of Mighty K Marketing & Strategy, decided to use their complimentary skills and temperaments to accelerate revenue generation and market capture potential of their clients. They also wage war against the standard broken recruiting and hiring system, redundancy, process-inefficiency, and outdated or misused technology.

Bionic Growth’s corporate mission is to give a hand to those in need, be it literally, or by empowering our clients to achieve more.

In pursuit of this mission, we work tirelessly and fearlessly by following our core values:

1.      Get it done (right): We overcome obstacles, find solutions, and deliver exceptional results.

2.      Think big: We relentlessly focus on our customers’ success and plan for the long-term.

3.      Be bold: We take action and hold ourselves accountable for our outcomes.

4.      Embrace change: We celebrate innovation and continuous improvement.

5.      Give joy: We make people feel good, be it with our products or humanitarian efforts

The Bottom Line?

We’re serious about advocating for you. After all, if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.

Bionic Growth is on time, on budget, and on your side.

Chris Kim

Partner - RevOps Consultant

Chris is the Founding Partner at Bionic Growth - and cofounder of Startup Studios, where he works with tech companies around the world. Having spent near a decade as Managing Partner of Mighty K Marketing & Strategy, Chris has worked closely with dozens of tech-forward startups and service providers, as well as small businesses in financial services, real estate, healthcare, e-commerce, media, retail, and more. Chris is fond of cross-functional work where he can take a "make it happen" approach. He's worked as a top-level fractional or embedded growth executive (sales, marketing, growth) with a number of small to mid-sized organizations. He's also fond of his bionic arm.

Doug Oakes

Partner - Marketing Consultant

Doug is experienced at building brands and growing market share for healthcare organizations. He has done so from the inside, as a hospital Director of Marketing and PR, and through his successful 20 year run as a healthcare marketing agency owner (Do Design Inc). Doug started his career as an award-winning art director and creative director for some of the biggest advertising and marketing agencies in the country, including Bozell, William Cook and Ketchum.

Kimberly Kim

Operations Director

Kim is our process consultant, trainer, and runs operations at Bionic Growth. Kim is a scientist, artist, and organizational process savant who has worked with NASA, digging into the geology of mars, and studying volcanoes in Hawaii and New Zealand. She also has extensive experience in environmental consulting, remediation, and disaster preparedness. An avid traveler, Kim has been to 32 countries and spent significant time on every continent except for Antarctica. Don't worry; she'll get there. Kim enjoys skydiving, scuba diving, and collecting