about us

We Arm Small Business Owners with The Tools to take on the big guys.

Big corporations have an unfair advantage. We don't think that's right, so we're here to help even the odds.

We're a family business.

We're lead by husband and wife team Chris and Kim Kim (yes, that's her real name; we think it's funny, too).

Chris was born in Honolulu, and raised in Makikilo and Nuuanu before heading off to the mainland for a couple decades. He met Kim Kim while visiting his parents and between Kim and the kalbi, he had no choice but to return home for good.

Kim Kim was born and raised in Phoenix and came to Oahu to study at the University of Hawaii. She never did manage to leave. Not that she wants to.

Chris Kim, Managing Partner

Chris is currently Managing Partner at Bionic Growth - which focuses solely on Hawaii companies and non-profits - and cofounder of Startup Studios, where he works with tech companies around the world

Over the course of more than a decade of agency management experience in sales, marketing, and business strategy, Chris has worked with dozens of tech-forward startups and service providers, as well as small businesses in financial services, real estate, healthcare, e-commerce, media, retail, and more.

Chris is fond of cross-functional work where he can take a "make it happen" approach. He's worked as a fractional or embedded CMO/VP Sales with a number of small to mid-sized organizations.

He's also fond of his bionic arm. Much more about Chris can be found on his personal site.

Kim Kim, Operations Director

Kim is our process consultant, trainer, and runs operations at Bionic Growth.

Kim is a scientist, artist, and organizational process savant who has worked with NASA, digging into the geology of mars, and studying volcanoes in Hawaii and New Zealand. She also has extensive experience in environmental consulting, remediation, and disaster preparedness.

An avid traveler, Kim has been to 32 countries and spent significant time on every continent except for Antarctica. Don't worry; she'll get there. Kim enjoys skydiving, scuba diving, and collecting tattoos.

Maeve Kim, tiny humanoid

Maeve is our model, sometimes spokesperson (current news is "goo"), and raison d'être. She joined us in November 2020, and we suspect she'll be around for a while. Maeve enjoys milk and bee rattles.