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At Bionic growth we celebrate

People, process, and profits

because when they join forces,
the impossible Becomes ordinary

Bionic Growth helps organizations accomplish big objectives they don’t have the time or specialization to enact by providing revenue operations consulting, marketing leadership, and human-centered technological transformation.



Creativity creates solutions.

That's our award-winning partner's philosophy. He's used creative solutions to help organizations grow market share, build trust, and enhance reputations for over 20 years. Both as an agency-owner (Do Design Inc) and in-house Marketing Director for hospitals and health systems, Doug Oakes' secret?

Always focus on the people.


Building bridges to success.

Connect people, processes, and technology through the magic of Revenue Operations. Our founding partner, Chris Kim, achieved greatness with his previous agency and now deploys his expertise to plug the gaps between sales, marketing, customer service, and product delivery to ensure steady growth.

It's time to climb.

Your Team

Experience the experienced.

Our partners have 30+ years of extensive, hands-on involvement crafting innovative solutions and leading successful marketing and revenue teams at both the departmental and organizational levels. Borrow one of them on a limited basis for fractional (part-time) or embedded (full-time) leadership roles.

We're on your side.

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We are committed to being a good neighbor and a driver of change within our community. With your help, here's how we'll do it.

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Gila Regional Medical Center

Doug Oakes

The best salespeople I have met genuinely wanted to help people. Case in point, the best sales call I ever got was from Chris Kim. He didn't call to sell me something, he called me with an idea that would help my hospital. And it was a great one. I signed up as an excellent decision. Chris earned my respect and my trust. That's how you do it.
Startup studios

Saif Akhtar

Chris's marketing strengths speak for themselves, but what you won't read about are the "extras" you get when working with him. His sense of humor and ability to talk about things other than work. His empathy to understand what a team is going through. Chris is the voice of reason every entrepreneur should have in his or her ear to help filter through the noise related to your product or messaging.
Mighty K Marketing

Erin Grifith

Chris has a rare and natural talent to succeed at combining proven sales and marketing strategies with a base of earnest interactions and ethics. He takes the time to listen and understand the needs of everyone he speaks to because he truly wants to help in meaningful ways and has the skills at his disposal to do so. When you put all of this together you see a person that is unnervingly adept at bringing out the best of those he works with - be it co-worker, client, or product, and equally skilled at bringing those things together in mutually beneficial ways.


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